Sunday, February 25, 2018

Canada: Our Murders Are More Peaceful

In the wake of the school shooting in Florida and on the back of other shootings in 'Murica, Canadians do what they do best: Bashing Americans.

"Canada isn't arrogant. We have universal health" Gordie from North Bay assures Moon Zuppa. "A country that gives free health can't be arrogant."

As Gordie proceeds to lecture us from what we can discern is his living room, he prepares a pot of hootch. We feel compelled if not intrigued to listen.

"You see, you Americans just don't know how to be civil. You have guns. So, so many guns and ammo."

It is true. America has many much guns. Hundreds of millions in fact but statistically gun violence has been on the decline for decades suggesting there's more at play than just guns. When we pointed the rise of gun violence in Canada Gordie was perplexed but frowned when he saw the evidence.

"That there is weird. Still. Our murders are more peaceful."

Reporting for Moon Zuppa this is Moon Zuppa.  

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